Sample Library Media Specialist Resume

Sample Library Media Specialist Resume

By using following sample library media specialist resume you can create your own resume for the post of library media specialist by just replacing particular field information.

The library media specialist should able to work with different media such as audio, video, magazines etc. Also capable to work on computer so as to give the better services to customers.

Smith Peterson,
14, South-East 9 St.
MA 71, Woshigton
963- 766 768

Educational Qualification:

  • Completed Bachelor of Science from Austin University, 1997.
  • Completed Master of Science from Los Angelis University, 2000.

Job Information :

Library Media Specialist at San Jose.

  • Created finance related plan and automated office.
  • Searched ready newspaper writing for library consumers.
  • Managed access to electronic information resources.
  • Researched interested topics of consumers.
  • Referred customers to other society firms and government offices.
  • Obtained personal hold up by developing different program.

Library Media Specialist in City Public Library, Boston

  • Created collection of quality reading material as per years.
  • Developed new 30 million dollar library.
  • Carried out other duties as per requirement.


  • Masters degree in Information Science from Austin.
  • Strong experience as library media specialist.
  • Excellent in communication.
  • Able to handle different operations such as planning, administration and budgeting.
  • Capable to search the interested subject which are mostly read by all age groups.
  • Excellent in computer practice to process the data as fast as possible.

Computer Skills:

  • MS Word
  • MS Power Point
  • Dream Weaver
  • MS Access



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