Sample Public Librarian Resume

Sample Public Librarian Resume

This page describe best sample public librarian resume. With the help of your knowledge you can modify this sample resume as per your requirement.

The sample resume which is given below shows how to keep your resume up to date with important things just like objective, experience details etc. One can edit it as per requirement.

Smith Johnson,
13, East 45 Street
MA 41, New York
923 – 686 7788.

Objective: Seeking to do a job of public librarian in reputed organization and use the skills and abilities for giving the best service to the organization.

Professional Course Details:

  • Obtained Library Management Diploma in 2003 from Boston University.

Experience Particulars :

2000 till present date
Aim Public Library, Austin
Job Profile : Assistant Public Librarian

Job tasks performed during this job are follows:

  • Digitize online access collection.
  • Give the proper answering to incoming questions from fax, email etc.
  • Promote the reading clubs.
  • Create the different programs for all ages and backgrounds.

Abilities :

  • Capable to collect all type of books for all age users.
  • Able to handle library material carefully and organize it well.
  • Collected books in different formats such as in audio, magazines, video etc.
  • Attended seminars which helps in how to organize programs and other things such as how to communicate with customers etc.
  • Created the database of all user to keep the details of all users which helps in future.

Extra Skills :

  • Excellent in computer knowledge.
  • Have good English knowledge.


  • Obtained graduation degree in arts from Los Angelis University, 2000.
  • Completed higher studies from Austin school, 1996.

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