Risk Management Resume Format

A job winning risk management resume should be relevant and effectively demonstrates your knowledge, skills and abilities in managing risks. The potentials employer must be able to point out what sets you apart from other candidates. The resume below is an example that can be used as a guide in writing an effective risk management resume and also for other jobs like operations management jobs, project management jobs, development management jobs etc.

Sample Risk Management Resume

Michelle Cooper

West bank, CA 92256

[email protected]

Mobile No: +212-447-8562

Telephone No: +212-448-6285

Career Objective

To work in the risk management position in a challenging environment where my knowledge and exceptional skills in risk management will help your company to achieve the set goals and objectives

Professional Experience

2004- Presently: Oracle International Solutions, Washington DC –Senior Associate


Measuring, controlling risks and improving the practices of the company.

Performing risk evaluation and ensuring program development.

Planning in house audits of different departments.

Supervising, instructing and giving instructions to junior staff.

2001- 2004:  H&Y Construction Company, Washington DC – Junior Associate


Identified potential risks for the company to ensure better practices and work plans

Developed policies to cut on costs and expenditures of the company

Effectively handled in house audit programs

Developed policies and structures that enhanced development opportunities for the company


1997- 2000: Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, University of New Orleans.


Graduated with honors

Successfully performed risk evaluation and management for Oracle International Solutions, Washington, DC.






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