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John Harrison
1234 Main Court
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060
Cell: 257-777-8989
Cell: [email protected]

Career Profile:
Seeking to take up a challenging opportunity as VP Corporate Communication to utilize my strengths for the growth and development of the organization.

Professional strengths:

  • Proven track record of creating documents for various products and brands
  • Ability to communicate accurately to a variety of audiences
  • Extensive knowledge of generating and developing internal communication programs
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and communicate efficiently with senior and executive management team
  • Familiar with web content management and major software applications
  • Ability to interact effectively with business and corporate business executives
  • Attention to detail and ability to make decisions independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks

Educational Summary and Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science from college of Science, state in the year 19XX
  • Certification Course in Communication from XYZ university, state in the year 19XX

Professional Experience:

Structural Technologies Co Inc, State
20XX till date
VP Corporate Communication

  • Worked collaboratively with senior management regarding product development, brand awareness and strategic marketing
  • Assigned the tasks of maintaining marketing budget across product lines to give maximum results for finance section
  • Responsible for managing content and flow for outbound communications like web sites, trade shows, newsletter programs and online advertising
  • Assigned the responsibilities of identifying key selling propositions with the help of product and sales team
  • Handled the tasks of managing internal and external brand of the organization
  • Maintained steady press coverage and good relationships with key media

ABC Associates Co Inc, State
20XX to 20XX
Corporate Communication Manager

  • Assigned the tasks of writing and editing various communication proposals
  • Handled the tasks of supervising and monitoring a team of communication professionals
  • Developed financial communication and managed processes for quarterly financial performance of the employees
  • Responsible for project development and communication planning
  • Ensured timely delivery of communications and relevant programs
  • Responsible for creating awareness of strategic vision of the organization

Areas of Interest:

  • To handle Network Strategies, Channels and Investor Relations in achieving department goals through equity and brand awareness
  • To promote and expand community relation programs like employee volunteer events and charitable foundation
  • To contribute my best in supporting various communication programs and strategies
  • To implement communication plans and promote the corporate reputation

Personal Details:

  • Name: John Harrison
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment Status: Full time
  • Relationship status: Married

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