Apartment Manager Resume

Running an apartment includes many day-today activities. Many of these are interdependent. There needs to be an expert who will monitor and take care of all these activities on a daily basis and an apartment manager is the one who occupies this position.
An apartment manager has to deal with different activities which are concerned with various areas of interests. Hence it is expected that he should have an interest and knowledge about these fields. Some of these are listed below.

Supervising daily service providers in terms of their service quality
Financial matters – payments, recoveries and maintaining accounts
Promotional activities
Property management

Moreover, an apartment manager is expected to be interested in solving the resident’s problems irrespective of nature, as finally that is what the profile is all about!

Given below is an Apartment manager resume sample.
Sample Apartment Manager Resume
Smith McCarthy
1106, Backyard Road,
Cypress, Alabama-90630,
[email protected]

Objective :To work as an apartment manager at a place where my managerial and organizational skills will be best utilized. I also wish to help the residents, and maintain their life styles as per their expectations.

Education :

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), 2004
Colorado University
Post graduate diploma in Business management, 2006
Arizona University online

Summary of Qualifications :

Thorough knowledge of processes related to apartment management with relevant formal training
Extensive reach to professional service providers through past experience
Good knowledge and experience of maintaining human resources
Enough information regarding the municipal corporation’s policies and their administration for apartments
Excellent knowledge about maintaining the accounts

Professional Experience :

Green Park Villa, Cypress (2006-Present)
Apartment manager

Monitored external daily service providers and paid them accordingly (including recovery for damage caused, if any)
Hired excellent security providers/watchmen to ensure complete and sound security
Performed a periodic checking and servicing of internal network systems as such water system, Gas pipes, Electricity/Telephone/Broadband lines, drainage system etc.
Maintained the apartment accounts precise, up-to-date and error free
Planned and implemented periodic financial tasks in an organized manner; such as collection of monthly rents/wages/recoveries etc.
Settled all the payment issues in an extremely careful manner. Made some critical financial and social decisions very precisely with the help of prior training and experience
Took initiative to perform festivals, fun games and other celebration activities, to maintain the premises environment healthy and peaceful.
Visited the municipal corporation’s office on a regular basis to check updates in the apartment policies

Extra Curricular :

Core interest and participation in share markets and stock exchange

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