Information System Manager Resume

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Information system manager Resume
Thomas Andrew
15th Lane Avenue, Near New church, Georgina
Home: 00658-21589-98754
Cell: 00125-4587-9685
Email: [email protected]

Career Profile:
A skilled, consistent and professional Information Systems specialist with deep knowledge of maintaining, organizing, implementing and developing information systems and software for training and supervising operations. Have extensive experience of customer service in a high tech environment

Professional strengths:

In-depth knowledge and understanding of the operations, processes, procedures and processes of information technology
Possess good communication and project management skills
Sound organizational and problem solving skills
Solid knowledge in HP Alpha systems, Oracle RDBMS and developmental tools
In-depth knowledge of cost accounting and financial management systems
Proficient in shell scripting, Perl, C programming, Unix OS, Linux, MySQL, Java and oracle database
Possess good leadership skills and ability to work independently

Professional Experience:
ABC network Inc, Georgina
20XX till date
Tech support supervisor

Handled the tasks of designing and implementing network expansion
Maintained and administered PBX and telephone switches
Handled the tasks of identifying infrastructures that needs to be improved
Responsible for coordinating with customers for maintenance of copiers, computers and printers
Handle the tasks of providing technical support for ABC network
Implemented, planned and maintained service agreement for technical support
Update day-to-day activities of the staff for generating new infrastructure planning
Handled the tasks of providing network account administration for new and existing employees
Provided budget, managing schedule and budget

Global Software Co Inc, Georgina
20XX to 20XX
Assistant Information system manager

Evaluated system functionality and user needs to ensure that ICT facilities meet the requirements
Developed, planned and implemented ICT budget and obtained competitive prices from dealers to ensure cost efficiency
Handled the tasks of ensuring that software licensing laws are strictly followed
Installed and researched new systems
Handled the tasks of protecting data from external and internal attack
Provided secure access to network for distant users
Monitored and trained new Global software staff
Responsible for being up to date with the knowledge of latest tools and technologies
Handled complex software and hardware issues

CERS Software Inc, Georgina
19XX to 20XX
Software Analyst

Analyzed, designed , maintained and designed IDX flowcast applications
Handled the tasks of troubleshooting, installing and maintaining IDX application software
Responsible for providing input on the changes of hardware and software

Certification Course:

Cisco, Windows and Sybase certifications, 19XX
Associated Cisco Certified Network, 19XX

Educational Summary:

Bachelor of Science in computer application, IT College, Georgina 19XX
Master of computer application, Georgina university, 19XX

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
Marital status: Single
Employment status: Full time


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