Program Manager Resume Format

A program manager resume should show that the candidate applying for the job has experience in the field of television and radio media. Professional experience must also be clear in the resume. A program Manager Resume can also be used when applying for other jobs in Broadcasting, Media analyst jobs, Television protocol manager jobs.

Sample Program Manager Resume

Jerry Springfield

1243 West 67 Street

Carlisle MA 34567

Tel: 123-89776

Cell: +14567890123

Email: [email protected]

Career Objective:

I always strive for greatness and that is why my objective is to be the best Program Manager. The Media world is ever changing as time goes and so it is important for me not only to utilize what I have learned, but to continue learning more even as I work. I therefore wish to be productive as possible wherever I work so that I can challenge myself and others to produce the best quality of work.

Professional Experience:

2002- Presently: Warrior Data- Junior Program Manager


In charge of coordinating on the air shows

Introducing and coordinating long-term plans for designing studio graphics

Providing essential measures for reducing product time by 45%


Achieved Master of Business Management Degree from Michigan Management School

Management Degree from South Southwestern University. South California

Achieved certificate Course in Radio and Television Service from Southwestern University. South California

Achieved Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the Orlando University, Orlando


Achieved affiliation from MPA of Philadelphia in 2001




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