Sample Manager Resume

A sample manager (non profit and charities) resume is given along with this article. Mr. Richard Anderson is the respected candidate applying for the post. Here is the resume sample for applying for the post of manager of the non profit and charitable organizations. The following sample can provide you the relevant idea that you need for preparing a sample manager (non profit and charities) resume.

Richard Anderson

1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career as the Manager or top administrative personnel for the non profit or charitable organizations with the help of obtained executive and professional expertise.

Educational Background

Achieved Bachelor in Arts Degree from the San Francisco University, San Francisco in the year of 1992 at Management as the major.
Achieved Associate Management Degree from the Northeastern University, California at in the year of 1988 at Social Worker Management along with MIS studies.

Professional Affiliation

Achieved required professional affiliation from the MIS Personnel Association of San Diego, San Diego in the year of 1996.

Professional Excellence Summary

Have over 12years of experience and the capacity to adopt new concepts with due responsibilities.
Obtained necessary training on various related subjects such as marketing and organizational communication etc.

Computer Programming Skills

Practiced Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express
Practiced Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS

Professional Background

Work as the Associate Executive Director for the Jimmy Y.M.C.A with the following responsibilities

As the Supervisor from 2004- Present date:

Provide proper supervising to ten program directors.
Take necessary actions for new recruitment and training with appropriate evaluation.

As the Fundraiser from 2000- 2004:

Worked as the chairperson in the 2001, for the Yearly support Campaign for the fundraising purpose.
Worked as the chairperson in the 2002, for the Annual Drive and Motivation Camp and ensured some solid funds as the purpose head.

As the Service Head from 1996- 2000:

Provided proper administration in multi-programs arrays with proper scheduling, staff evaluating and necessary enrollment.
Worked out curriculum instructions as well as criteria of the program. Carried out necessary administrative steps with due supervision to membership divisions along with program registration procedure.


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