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A Senior Supply Operation Manager oversees the production process of a material/product from the initial stage to the point at which the material is ready for sale. Senior Supply Operation Manager Plans, develops, manufactures as well as handles distribution of the goods to the clients. Seniors Supply Operation Manager plays an essential role in the success and development of an organization.

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George Steven T. Hawkins
803 Bridleway Court
Williams, CA 95510
Cell : ( 808) 777-8734
Email:[email protected]

Career Profile: Seeking the position of a Senior Supply Chain Operation Manager to utilize my experience and abilities in a well established organization.

Professional Experience:

Organization: Transportation Mid Co, California
Duration: April 2009 till date
Designation: Senior Supply Operation Manager

Responsible for planning and organizing the transfer of materials and goods from suppliers and manufacturers to customers
Supervise as well as monitor the packaging process ready for dispatch
Plans delivery timetables as well as monitor stock levels by using computer databases
Performs management of administrative, clerical, and warehouse distribution staff
Work closely with warehouse staff, purchasing officers, and transport clerks to ensure that the materials and goods and arrive at the depot on time
Ensures that every step of the process functions effectively to ensure that it is free from costly delays and lost sales opportunities

Organization: Barrilion Services, California
Duration: October 2006 to March 2009
Designation: Supply Operation Manager

Responsible for developing and managing inventory, supply chain plans, procurement, and materials flow
Ensuring timely order flow and delivery within deadlines
Provides support to the supply chain solution for Work Winning in the concerned Business Unit
Manage the effective supply of goods and services to the customer
Plays active role in strategic projects as required
Responsible for implementing appropriate supply chain solutions as well as category solutions to meet organizational goals
Work closely with Managers and stakeholders to understand requirements of customers

Core Competencies:

Extensive knowledge of production planning and material control
Good team player with meticulous approach towards work
Extensive cross-functional expertise in supply chain and operation management
Ability to communicate need and objectives to the managers in a clear manner
Good time management and vendor management skills
Ability to train, motivates, evaluate and lead a team effectively
Knowledge of major PC applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and the Internet Explorer
Good analytical and problem solving skills

Educational Summary:

Master’s degree in Business Application
California University, California in the year 2005

Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management
University of California, California in the year 2002

Personal Details:

Name: George Steven T. Hawkins
Date of Birth: 13/09/1978
Employment Status: Full time
Relationship status: Married


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