Store Manager (Home Improvement)

Nathaniel R. Hollons
7843 Fiftieth Ave.
Arvada, CO 82930
(720) 445-1239

Manager / Consultant / Trainer

• Customer Service • Human Resources • Public Relations • Sales Management • Accounts Payable • Staffing •


• Solid leadership role through superior P&L management, training, strategic planning, budgeting, and financial reporting. Substantial revenue growth through leading company to achieve established sales goals, initiating cost containment processes, providing hands-on training and motivating personnel. Understand best practices and execute them diligently.
• Results-driven manager; self-motivated, thorough understanding of overall industry position and appropriate competitive strategies in market development. Large-picture understanding of market to visualize necessary targets and identify steps required to attain goals. Ability to cut costs through creative and effective plans, e.g., through performance training, employee retention and strict inventory controls.
• Development and performance management to meet/exceed operational and financial goals through selecting skilled staff, performance/quality improvements and adherence to established safety procedures.
• Good communication skills to help team members.  Proficient in computer software and ability to train others in such software as MS Excel, MS Word, People Soft, LRT scanner, and Internet research and communication.

Retail Store Manager

Yup’s Home Improvement Warehouse

1995 – Present

• Profitably managed 115,000 sq. ft. home improvement stores with employee numbers varying between 175-250, and annual sales volume of between $28 million-$55 million with a product inventory of $5 million (35,000 SKUs). Procured merchandise mix specific to location’s demographic needs by overseeing weekly inventory purchasing to. Implemented methods to tracked inventory and reduce inventory shrink.

Aurora, Colorado

2002 – Present

Denver, Colorado

2000 – 2001
• Achieved highest volume of sales in ten years of $45 million $3+ million in profits out of 50 stores in chain.
• Succeeded in computerized staffing program, which optimized efficient use of employee time during peak and off-peak store hours.

Broomfield, Colorado

1999 – 2000

Broomfield, Colorado

1995 – 1998
• Spearheaded numerous cost-saving initiatives such as reducing inventory shrinkage and encouraging a just-in-time inventory system.
• Achieved award based on low employee turnover/retention rate compared to 60 other stores in region.
• Initiated proper scheduling to eliminate major front-end operations problems such as long lines at cash registers as well as sales floor department coverage issues.
• Created program to verify customer satisfaction for customers who received product at their home in undamaged condition and resolved problems for any products that were damaged.
• Improved communication with customers and their needs within the store and its layout and employee assistance.

Seminars / Training / Workshops

Recent training topics include:

• Conflict Management Seminar
• Excelling as a Staff Training
• Substance Abuse on the Job
• Diversity Workshop

Personal Highlights

Excellence in understanding the market and customers.  Ability to be realistic, professional, objective, goal oriented, ambitious, innovative, and accurate.



Construction Management
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