Telecommunications Manager

Linda M. Blackwell
6337 Atha Drive
Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 572-7278


Telecommunications expert with expertise in all areas of telecommunications technology. Cited for organizational skills. Excellent written and oral communication. Exceptional leadership capabilities. Able to manage projects, think critically, problem solve and work with people of all professions and technical backgrounds.
Career Accomplishments

• Administered and monitored $39 million budget with accuracy and effectiveness.
• Led start-up team of 35 for important telecommunications initiative.
• Impacted monthly revenues by $59 million and introduced significant cost savings.
• Streamlined processes and procedures in engineering and facilities design.
• Authored, distributed, and implemented standardized processes, testing requirements, and technical manuals for future control center operations.
Professional Experience

Carriker, Inc.

1999 – Present
Senior Manager
• Provide transitional support and direction to both large clients with the merger of companies’ IT departments.
• Streamline the placement of resources necessary for melding of two separate staffs.
• Develop and implement strategic plans to meet organizational goals.

Event Pre-Processor/Strategic Billing
• Directed the activities of 55 personnel on the development team.
• Oversaw the replacement of multiple usage processing systems .
• Developed and fostered interdepartmental relationships.

Kane Company

1997 – 1999
Senior Staff Member
Telecommunications Maintenance Network Solutions
• Analyzed, defined, developed, and marketed solutions to support clients.
• Spearheaded the development of improved telecommunications service platforms.

Telecommunications Maintenance Network Solutions
First Office Application
• Served as on-site consultant for customer assisted implementation and testing of new hardware and software.

Mooney’s, Inc.

1976 – 1997
Communications Specialist
• Engineered, managed and implemented configuration and installation of complex network backbones.
• Analyzed, troubleshot and repaired hardware/software issues in switch and transport technologies.
• Led team responsible for creation and integration of inter-switch testing.
• Maintained responsibility for Operations and Support Systems (OSS) Management throughout region.
Specialized Skills

•    Operations Support Systems: TMN, TIRKS, TAS, SCCS, UNIX
•    Telecom Switch Technologies: AT&T, NORTEL, 5ESS
•    Training Networks: Ethernet, Novel
•    Network Environments: SONET, T-Carrier, ATM, LAN/WAN,
•    Protocols: TCP/IP, SNA, SDLC, X.25
•    Internetworking Hardware: Datakit Packet Switch, Routers, Bridges
•    Carrier/Radio Systems: D4 Carrier, SLC96/40, Litespan 2000
•    Multiplex Systems: Rockwell, Nortel
•    Internet: HTML, Web Design
•    Software: Microsoft Office 2007

Cal-State Bakersfield

B.S., Computer Information Systems

Bakersfield College

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Specialized Training:
Management and Leadership Courses
Corporate Human Resources

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