Training Manager Resume

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Thomas Morris
25th Lane Avenue, Near New church, Boston
Home: 00658-21589-98754
Cell: 00125-4587-9685
Email: [email protected]

Career Profile:
A skilled, talented and professional training manager with more than ten years of experience in delivering training sessions, writing and designing courses, directing enterprise initiatives and leading trainees. Looking for a position in an established organization as training manager to utilize my skills and extensive knowledge in the mentioned field.

Professional strengths:

Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
In-depth knowledge of designing and conducting trainings
Ability to conduct trainings at international and national levels
In-depth knowledge of human resources and strategic developments in the HR
Ability to develop high standards, customer responsiveness and excellent quality
Possess extensive knowledge of internal marketing, publicity and network
Good skills in solving problems and taking decisions
Ability to develop and manage trainers , administrators and administrative processes
Sound knowledge of the training department’s function, availability of training options and various processes of learning and training
Knowledge of Microsoft office, Word, Excel and internet

Professional Experience:

Ameda Inc Co, Boston
20XX till date
Training manager

Monitored the performance of the instructor to check that training programs are in line with approved training materials and procedures
Reviewed, prepared and filed petitions and motions on behalf of clients
Handled the tasks of managing bank reconciliations, projected budgets and cash flow statements
Responsible for handling accounts payable and receivable as per the requirement
Updated trainee status report and training programs for line managers and assisted in resolving and identifying issues related to it
Developed training policies and procedures that generate innovative guidelines for all training functions
Worked to establish good relationship and mutual trust between faculty personnel and training organization

Sales Force Inc Co, Boston
20XX to 20XX
Training manager

Responsible for designing instructive course for training
Oversaw and managed training on special projects, operational skills training and new hire curriculum
Handled the tasks of managing tasks like publishing, documentation and delivery
Responsible for managing local expenses and allocated budget
Handled the tasks of developing and managing staff and workflow processes
Allocated resources between documentation, instruction and tutorial building

ABC INSY, Boston
19XX to 20XX
Training coordinator

Handled the tasks of preparing equipments and course materials
Coordinated with the training department for internal training process
Managed and maintained databases on various training sessions
Handled the task of making arrangement for accommodation and traveling when required
Issued confirmations on training and updates of the same for the staff

Educational Summary:

Bachelor of Arts, Boston College, Boston 19XX
Certified course in Finance Leadership, Boston state university, 19XX

Personal Details:

Name: Thomas Morris
Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
Employment Status: Full time
Relationship status: Single


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