Factory Worker Resume

A factory worker is kind of helper job in producing finished goods. It is believed to be an unskillful job in a general sense. Hence, the need for a specific kind of education or training is not hard quoted by any organization. Moreover a person with some basic qualifications can work at any kind of factory.

The common requirements for this job are,

Physical strength and fitness (Clean medical history)
Knowledge of basic alphanumeric and ability perform simple calculations
Ability to perform repetitive tasks
Ability to work for long hours

Given below is a Factory worker resume example. Please go through it.
Sample Factory Worker Resume

Jeff Strong
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Manchester, NH-03104
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Objective : To seek the position of factory worker

Summary of Qualifications:

Enough work experience at factories producing varied products
Great physical viability and endurance at all the assigned job undertakings
Excellent performance consistency, both in qualitative as well as quantitative sense
Clean and healthy medical history
Follow great deal of professional approach and work ethics towards assigned jobs
Clear and polite communicative skills
Immense flexibility in terms of work assignments and the work hours

Professional Experience:

XYZ Cookie Factory, Manchester, NH (2007-Present)
Shop floor worker

Choosing defective cookies out of the produced cookie stock
Gathering the defective cookies into provided vessels and sending them back to the production team
Counting and grouping the non-defective cookies
Putting the grouped cookies into the respective packets
Sealing the biscuit packets with the help of sealing machine
Putting the sealed packets into boxes and storing the boxes
Reporting the work done to the supervisor

ABC Candy Factory, Manchester, NH (2004-2007)

Counting the produced candies and grouping them in the provided vessels
Filling the grouped candies in to the provided sachets
Putting gift articles (such as a tattoo) in to the sachets
Sealing the open sachets using the seal machine
Parceling the processed sachets into boxes and sticking appropriate region labels onto it
Reporting the work done to the supervisor

Academic education:

Secondary school graduate from N H High-school, Manchester, NH (2004)

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: XX / XX / 1988
Marital status: Single
Expected employment status: Full time
Ready to Relocate: Y / N


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