Broadcast Journalist Resume Format

It’s often the culmination of a broadcast journalist’s dreams to reach celebrity status among their peers.  Barbara Walters and Peter Jennings started out as Broadcast Journalists.  But apart from having excellent writing skills, a striking telegenic quality and an incisive wit in front of the camera, broadcast journalists have to work hard in getting their materials, do investigative journalistic work,  write fast and communicate public events live over TV and radio.  They may not reach celebrity rank, but with good work, the can get executive management positions in the news network they work with.

Broadcast Journalist Resume Format

Michael T. Pickens

Toca Hills, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 404-667-3995

[email protected]


A position as a broadcast journalist in a large cable news network

Summary of Qualification

* 11 years of experience in the news and events journalism starting out in a major broadsheet then to a major cable news agency
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present:  2nd Broadcast Journalist, Special Events, MSN

* Write commentaries and editorials on special public events of high audience interest for news or features.
* Review and revise journalistic works by novice news writers as necessary
* Conduct interviews and investigation as part of news research using mobile news gathering facilities
* Go live, on-location to provide eyewitness coverage of some events

1999 – 2006:  Feature News Assistant Editor, The Chicago Tribune

* Compose, proofread and edit news articles assigned and submit them within scheduled deadlines
* Collect local, national and international news through Reuters and other wire services and rewrite with a more incisive bent to stimulate audient interest.
* Ensure correct grammar and diction in all written articles


Portfolio of broadcast and published works available during the interview


2001 – 2003: MA in Investigative Journalism, Chicago State University

1995 – 1999: Bachelor of Arts in English, Illinois University


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