Music entertainment resume Format

When a person entertains using a musical act, he/she needs to be able to amaze his/her audience. Equally, when applying for a job in any establishment as an entertainer, they need to be just as convincing in their resume. It needs to show skill, experience as well as diligence and self worth. It should also show a level of commitment and love for what you do. Below is a sample music entertainment resume. This will be helpful for you in writing a resume for entertainment jobs, and entertainment manager jobs, lyrics writer jobs,etc.

Sample Music entertainment resume

James Goblin

24th Coronary Street

456 Chrystal


[email protected]

Mobile No: +1 52 73 83

Telephone No: +1 35 65 87

Career Objective

A motivated musical performer who derives gratification and lives for the musical enchantment of his performance, nurturing my talent, turning ordinary music into extraordinary performances and amazing my audience with new acts. Hardworking individual who believes that practice makes perfect and diligence results in progress.

Professional Experience

2006 – 2009: Resident Jazz percussionist/Singer, The Waldorf Astoria New York City


* Perform with the resident jazz band
* Organize all acts for the week
* Handle and store all musical equipments and the bits and pieces on stage
* Do stage introductions (MC)

2000 – 2005: Jazz percussionist, Fluid Jazz House, New York City


* Prepare wind instruments before performance
* Set the stage and check the microphones and sound system
* Introduce new acts to the stage
* Perform on stage

Educational Background

1996 – 1999: Diploma in Performing Arts (Jazz Major), Kenton College of Music

1994 – 1995: Certificate in performing Arts (Soloist), Kenton College of Music


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