Maintenance Technician

Tina L. White
4209 Bicetown Road
New York, NY 10011
(917) 409-6821


Experienced Ground Support Equipment Technician with exertise in the airline ground maintenance industry. Proven ability to perform maintenance with accuracy and speed. Key strengths include:

• Maintenance Operations     • Regulatory Compliance
• Staff Training     • Supplier Relationships
• Program Coordination     • Inventory Control
• Hazardous Materials Awareness     • Fabrication
• Team Building

Proven ability to troubleshoot and maintain overall equipment readiness. Expert knowledge of parts management and interpretation of system schematics. Take pride in quality workmanship

Professional Experience


1987 – Present
Lead Ground Maintenance Technician
Oversee all service operations for over 400 pieces of ground equipment at stations throughout the Pacific Northwest.
• Expert knowledge and training in mechanical and electrical systems to avoid breakdowns and flight delays.
• Continually train personnel in proper use of equipment to avoid injuries and ensure correct operations
• Developed on-going repair and maintenance program to ensure operational readiness.
• Assist other airlines when needed as a professional courtesy.
• Resource person for all technical questions.
• Mainteain detailed, accurate, and government compliant records.
• Build equipment to custom specifications when needed.

Continuing Education

Lektro Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Hobart Maintenance and Troubleshooting-
Charging Systems & Starting Circuits
Automotive Painting
Delta Weld 451-641
GPU Training, Welding & Basic Hydraulics


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