Sound Engineer (AWARD WINNING)

Helen D. Graham
2772 Platinum Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15219

Sound Engineer ~ Graduate
Technical expert with a total commitment to creativity and deadlines. Recognized for troubleshooting and solving problems quickly. Able to produce high-quality sound recordings across a wide ranges of genres.

Value Offered

Quality Sound Engineering



Analogue Editing

RCS Selector

Microphone Technique

Control Surface

Voice Recordings

Video Editing

Digital Editing

Foley Recordings

Mixing Analogue

Sound Equipment

Instrument Recordings


Bachelor of Arts Communication

Double major: Music Production

Pennsylvania State University (2004)

Academic Highlights

Music Technology

Produced a 25-track, 10-minute recording for local band “Tyson Brown Experiment”. Used proper equipment to capture recording for live-event. Key accomplishments:

-Despite faulty equipment was able to use creative problem solving to create professional recording.

-Project was graded “Superior” for professionalism and high standards.

Special Freelance Projects

Mood Music

Arranged and recorded CD of piano compositions. The CD also featured audio commentary from the song’s composers.

Produced CD in less than a week while coordinating the composer’s live performances.

Promotions for recording was so successful that CD sold out in two weeks.

Relevant Experience

Radio K10 AM                                                                                                                                                        2003

Production Assistant

Worked with manager to gain professional knowledge of equipment, operations, and broadcasting during tenure.

Learned proper use of digital mixing desk, RCS selector, and DSP editing software.

Volunteerism | Community | Sports | Personal

State Team Representative in Girls’ State  Pennsylvania

Leisure interests: Marathons, Water-skiing, and Hiking.
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