Sound Engineer (Recent Graduate)

Christy C. Gibson

768 Handson St.

San Jose, CA 95113

(650) 595-1094

Sound Engineer ~ Graduate

Extremely creative and motivated to produce and perform in all areas of sound engineering. Committed to meeting deadlines. Extremely meticulous and dedicated to quality musical compositions.

Value Offered

Ÿ       Mixing and Synthesis

Ÿ       Advanced MIDI Application

Ÿ        Analogue Editing

Ÿ        Management of time

Ÿ       Sound Reinforcement

Ÿ       Digital Editing

Ÿ       Mixing

Ÿ       Instrument, Voice &  Recordings

Technology Snapshot: protocols, Cubase, Logic, Cool Edit, DSP, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Reason, Logic Control, 02R, analogue desks.


Bachelor of Arts Communication

University of California

Academic Highlights

Adept at music technology  recording, using analogue to digital recording technology, minimizing external noise leakage

Media Arts—Sound Project

Recorded and mixed original music compositions . Helped local band achieve regional status and win all -state battle of the bands.

Live Content

Produced 45 minute live concert featuring 10 local bands and using dolby sound technology

Special Freelance Project

Recorded and arranged a CD of 8 classical Irish folksongs. The CD included an interview with the artist.
Other Projects

·    Recorded studio songs and mixed live music tracks for Comong Down entitled The House Man Green Cow, Mystery Box, The Bowl, The Reciever, and Coming On. Fixed imperfect vocals and reserved notes during reverberation process.
Produced CD which was featured on 3 local radio stations

·     Rented all equipment for 3 live performances

Work Experience

Radio 4kY San Jose

Production Assistant

Networked with all associates in the field

·    Stratigized to promote upcoming events

·    Trained others to make promotional clips


Senior Sound Engineer

Responsible for all aspects of sound engineering
Produced and edited exemplary recordings
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