Supply Officer (Federal Employment)

Julia Samulson

843 Rasburry Blvd

Boulder, CO 80223

(303) 589-2108


22 years’ comprehensive experience in reading, interpreting, and applying supply regulations, manuals, catalogs, records, and orders, in military and corporate supply systems.  Accomplish challenging tasks and resolve complex supply problems through delivering creative solutions.  Held important positions such as Maintenance Purchasing Manager; Supply Admin Officer; Assistant Fleet Transport Officer; Instructor, Supply Department Head, andPhysical Distribution Management. Expert knowledge of managing diverse situations including supply regulations, procedures, supply functions, operations and work methods.  Skilled in negotiating competitive prices for purchasing equipment and repair parts for corporate procurement systems.



Procurement Manager, $44,000

Holiday Superior, 356 Hansel Lane, Denver, CO 82034, James Cornilia, 303-445-4859, x876

Supervised the control of inventory for approximately a 15,000 line items stored. Saved 9% through intense cost cutting efforts over 2 years. Reduced the average cost per item by 54%  through implementing outcomes of research. Resolved complex supply problems for plant maintenance requests by reading, interpreting, and applying supply regulations, manuals, catalogs, records, and orders. Oversaw annual purchasing of $3 million due to extensive knowledge of supply functions, operations, program requirements, and work methods. Negotiated purchases of all repair parts, equipment, general use consumables, and protective clothing required to support 15 various production lines.

JAN 1991 to JUL 1994

Supply/Admin Officer, O-3

US Army, Command Activated, Ltn. Josh Kupper, 555-555 1552

Developed and coordinated a logical and organized plan to disestablish Fire Introduction Team upon mission completion. Coordinated scheduling for special teams missions for rapid reaction to emergency requirements. Oversaw support for Army requirements for transportation channels to ensure sufficient cargo support. Coordinated training programs to ensure thatnew minesweeper crews for new class of ships were being constructed. Reduced command annual budget through planned steps of reducing expenditure waste and abuse by 36% in first year, 25% in second year, and 31% in third year. Corrected hundreds of ships supply instructions by initiating, receiving, screening, and reviewing verification slips.

JUL 1984 to OCT 1987

Teacher in the Army., O-2

US Army, Orlando, FL 08932, Ltnt. Harry Caplin, Unknown

Instructed classroom activities for Army Generals.  Used expert knowledge of military operations to instruct and implement various top-of-the-line operations.  Received award for outstanding instructor for Army transportation courses.  Applied expert knowledge of commonly used budgetary practice, methods, and regulations, to ensure that financial management plan for all ship departments were accurately reported. Provided specialized training and guidance for enlisted personnel to take responsibility for personal financial matters and other areas.


Bachelor of Arts Degree, 143 semester hours, University of Denver–Denver, Colorado Major: Supply Chain Management, Minor: Chinese, 1978, GPA: 3.90.

Masters of Business, Specializing in Databases, 80 semester hours, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, 1994, GPA: 3.70.


Army Management School, Dec 1986, honors graduate.


Purchase Orders Contracting Officer, Jan 1979


Army Achievement Award, Jun 1993.

Inventory Training Specialist, Jun 1997


Proficient in Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Lotus Notes, etc.
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