Vice President of Operations (International)

Stella V. Nold
2013 Denver Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA
(951) 486-6797


Experienced professional with vast experience in business operations. Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams to specific goals and objectives.

Key Areas of Strength:

• Inventory      • Accounting Managment
• Customer Service     • Systems
• Import and Export Operations     • Credit Lines
• Contract Negotiations     • Logistics and Warehousing
• Shipping     • Receiving
• Insurance      • Accounts P&R
Executive Experience

Glendale Corporation, Glendale, CA

1982 – Present
Vice President of Operations
Supervising a large international import export business to reduce partners costs with unique purchasing plan. Able to cut costs for partners by buying excess inventory and trading for goods and services and vendor trading,

Lead a four-story office in the corporation operations of the merchandise division. This includes: inventory, warehousing, logistical conerns, contracts, insurance, shipping, receiving, imports, exports, credit lines, and billing.

• Instituted high-tech computer network for global communication.
• Designed system to streamline customer interface. Train clients on its usage.
• Negotiated contracts for warehouse and logistics including shipping needs, inventory, insurance, and related  costs.
• Coordinate with  import and export customs brokers, freight forwarders, and insurance to ensure accurate accounting and documentation.

University of Southern California

Relevant Training

•    State Insurance License Course
•    Executive Training Program
Computer Skills

•    All applications of Microsoft Office Suite and several programming languages.


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