Worldwide Marketing and Brand Manager

Kenny F. Manuel
1600 Colony Street
Stamford, CT 06905
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Experienced professional with marketing and advertising expertise. 8+ years in marketing and advertising for business to business customers and business to consumer experience. Proven ability to execute successful marketing campaigns across a wide range of industries. Developed web based campaign for several Fortune 100 companies. Computer proficiency in all Microsoft Office 2007 applications and internet research.
Background Includes:

• Marketing     • Brand Development
• Business Strategy     • Customer Service
• Leadership and Management     • Internet Marketing Solutions

Rockland Corporation, Stamford, CT
Marketing and Brand Manager
Rapidly promoted because of demonstrated customer service skills and broad experience implementing international brand development campaigns.
· Developed and implemented an exhaustive internet marketing campaign which resulted in 25 new lucrative accounts and a consolidation of management and business processes.
· Cut annual costs by 72% in first year of implementation by creating a brand management plan to protect all company domain names.
· Led and directed an international effort to focus new hires to specific location. Worked with all levels of management and graphic design personnel
· Initiated a new brand management program to disperse new brand information to all global units.

Rockland Corporation, Stamford, CT
Marketing Project Manager – eMarketing Enterprise Group, 1999 – 2000
Recruited by company to focus marketing experience in the development of multi-media marketing materials and a business division strategy Intranet site. Emphasis on content management, brand management, and strategic marketing activities.
· Refined and restructured an internal communications process to disseminate and deliver company’s eBusiness initiative which led to the redesign and re-architecture of Intranet site, resulting in a 500% increase in hit rate, increased awareness, and integration of new direction.
· Spearheaded a project team that created four unique Web-based sales and marketing tools, allowing easy access and availability of sales and marketing information which increased productivity and helped decrease sales cycle.
· Worked in conjunction with corporate sales organization to conceptualize and develop online sales and marketing materials, resulting in easier access to critical information in the field.
· Piloted an initiative to take online content and make it more readily available through wireless and personal assistant devices (PDAs), positioning company as a player in content and application delivery on these devices, working with XML and content management technologies.

Crause and Associates, New York, NY
Marketing Communications Specialist, 1998 – 1999
Designed and implement brand management and publicity communication to increase revenue from print campaigns, advertising sales and web content.
· Led a highly lucrative print campaign for several clients which inceased profitable leads and increased market share for several important partners.
· Improved customer satisfaction by developing new content and user-friendly applications on company web site.
· Implemented web campaign for promotions, press releases, and media interviews.

Sachs and O’Reilly, New York, NY
Marketing Account Manager, 1996 – 1998
Organized print and other media publicity strategies for current clients. Signed 25 new clients during first year. Developed new marketing materials.
· Led strategy to coordinate print and web advertising.
· Developed successful print advertising campaign. Increased revenue 16%.
· Managed long-term marketing goals.
· Coordinated with senior management to coordinate two competing campaigns. Resulted in 18% increase in revenue.

Worldwide Management , New York, NY
Marketing and Advertising Coordinator, 1995 – 1996
Designed marketing flyers, brochures, postcards and newspaper ads for ten large markets.
· Designed a direct mail marketing campaign which netted a 15% response rate from target market.
· Managed the creative and graphic design team.

Carriker and Stoker, Inc., New York, NY
National Account Executive, 1994 – 1995
Led strategic advertising campaign targeting healthcare clients.
· Directed strategy to capture 15% of market share in Southern States.
· Achieved 215% increase in revenue. Grew client base by 24%.

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Bachelor of Science, Advertising and Marketing


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