Mortgage Loan Closer Resume

Below is an optimized and standard resume format for the position of a Mortgage Loan Closer. You can follow the format while drafting a resume sample for the mentioned position. Be sure to highlight your skill sets and abilities in a clear way. We hope this sample resume will prove effective in getting the job you are seeking for.

Jimmy Freeney
56987 Calumet Ave, Apt#9
New York, NY 10040
Cell: (123)-423-8999
Email:[email protected]

Career Profile:
Obtain the position of a Mortgage Loan Closer wherein my skills and experience can be used towards the achieving the goals of the organization.

Core Competencies:

* Familiar with the current knowledge of loan closing and documentation procedures
* Comprehensive knowledge of state, federal, regulatory, investor and internal guidelines and policies in regard to mortgage loan closing process.
* Detail-oriented with good organizational skills
* Working knowledge of word processing programs and spreadsheets
* Good command over English, French and German language
* Excellent phone etiquettes with good customer service skills
* Flexible and ability to work under pressure
* Team oriented and ability to handle multiple tasks

Technical Skills:

* Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer

Educational Summary:

* Master’s degree of Arts in Business Administration from the University of New York in the year 2002
* Bachelor’s degree in Finance from XYZ College, New York in the year 2000

Professional Experience:

Mortgage Loan Closer, 2003 to 2009
Bank of New York – New York
Responsibilities included:

* Responsible for scheduling loan closing and types closing documents
* Performs the tasks of making calls to borrower, real estate broker, and title company to request specified documents like payment receipt of outstanding tax bill
* Handles the tasks of maintaining accuracy and consistency of specifications on documents like title abstract and insurance forms
* Assigns the responsibilities on making contact with borrower, broker, and other specified individuals to arrange the time and date for closing.
* Performs the work of collecting documents for delivery to real estate broker, title company, and lending officer for closing
* Maintains loan information on government reporting forms and in log by using computer

Mortgage Loan Closer, 1999-2003
Met Life Provident Bank – New York
Responsibilities included:

* Handles the tasks of Preparing Note, Mortgage and Truth in Lending disclosures
* Performs the work of calculating aggregate escrow as well as prepares appropriate disclosures and documents necessary for closing
* Responsible for reviewing title commitments, termite inspections and survey
* Performs the tasks of solving issues that might arise at closing or before closing
* Responsible for assisting with post-closing communication on closing as well as corrects mistakes made on documentation by the title company at the time of closing
* Maintains accuracy of all closing screens in computer before funding the loan
* Responsible for delivering file to shipping department after closing loan and ensures that the file is in correct stacking order

Personal Details:

* Name: Jimmy Freeney
* Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
* Employment Status: Full time
* Relationship status: Married


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