National Guard Resume Format

It is essential for job applicants to create resumes that are commensurate with their skills and experience. The employer wants to know what contribution the individual is capable of making in terms of qualifications and experience. This sample National Guard resume can be used to create resumes for various National Guard positions.

Sample National Guard Resume

Barry James

435 First Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 485792375

Telephone number: 23829459

Career Objective:

To be a competent Navy Guard military technician who is qualified and committed to all assignments and duties assigned to me

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Military Technician- Maryland National Guard


Tested mechanical equipment

Monitored operations carried out in the machine facility

Evaluated hydraulic and electric systems

Repaired vehicle components

2003-2004: First Sergeant- Camp Guard


Trained a large group of enlisted soldiers

Worked closely with the maintenance officer

Supervised repair functions carried out by a group of 25 soldiers

2005-2008: Maintenance- Camp Foreshore


Performed machine operations

Supervised support machine operations


Trained in metallic operations and machine systems

Trained in National Guard policies and leadership skills

Trained in vehicle tracking systems and unit administration


1993-1995: Army Maintenance Certification- Ohio Military Academy

1996-1998: Leadership and Army Development Training- Jefferson Military Academy


Ensured that standards of quality control were consistently maintained by monitoring the entire sequence of machine operations

Awarded an achievement medal for exemplary performance and commitment to service

Supervised an effective training program for cadets and recruits

Recognized with a leadership award for displaying outstanding leadership skills






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