Vice President of Product Delivery

Michael C. Gordon
625 Little Acres Lane
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 213-5320

Vice president of product delivery

Expert in the formulation and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance information technology strategies to address difficult business solutions. Motivational leader, cited for ability to cultivate profitable relationships and lead teams to innovative solutions. Strong and effective communicator with ability to present techical solutions to non-technical customers.

• Business Strategy     • Technology Integration
• Effective Leader     • Growth Management
• Information Technology Expert     • Exceptional Communication
• Systems Design     • Project Leader
• Operations Management

Key Achievements

• Researched and analyzed customer requirements to build partnerships which led to lucrative financial and industry contacts.
• Coordinated client needs with marketing strategies to lead brand marketing campaigns. Increased website traffic by 350% in first two months.
Professional Management Experience


1998 – Present
Positions Held:
Vice President of Product Delivery
Vice President of Product Development
Managing Executive
Vice President of Client Services & Delivery/Director Brand Building & Technology

Work with Vice President to manage operations management of web services and content. Manage a highly trained team of 45 in product development and distribution and new product launches.

• Designed and led business and technology strategies for business to business customers.
• Identified new and innovative marketing inititaives to meet and exceed company goals.


1991 – 1998
Positions held:
Program Manager
Advisory Staff

• Reformulated information technology competencies through sales and internal development.
• Led the development of program to achieve lucrative new partnerships

University of Minnesota- Duluth, Duluth, MN

Master of Business Administration in International Management

University of Minnesota

Master of Science in Project Management

University of Minnesota

Master of Arts in Rhetorical Theory

University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts in English/History

Article focusing on operating systems with Internet features.


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Vice President of Operations (International)

Stella V. Nold
2013 Denver Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA
(951) 486-6797


Experienced professional with vast experience in business operations. Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams to specific goals and objectives.

Key Areas of Strength:

• Inventory      • Accounting Managment
• Customer Service     • Systems
• Import and Export Operations     • Credit Lines
• Contract Negotiations     • Logistics and Warehousing
• Shipping     • Receiving
• Insurance      • Accounts P&R
Executive Experience

Glendale Corporation, Glendale, CA

1982 – Present
Vice President of Operations
Supervising a large international import export business to reduce partners costs with unique purchasing plan. Able to cut costs for partners by buying excess inventory and trading for goods and services and vendor trading,

Lead a four-story office in the corporation operations of the merchandise division. This includes: inventory, warehousing, logistical conerns, contracts, insurance, shipping, receiving, imports, exports, credit lines, and billing.

• Instituted high-tech computer network for global communication.
• Designed system to streamline customer interface. Train clients on its usage.
• Negotiated contracts for warehouse and logistics including shipping needs, inventory, insurance, and related  costs.
• Coordinate with  import and export customs brokers, freight forwarders, and insurance to ensure accurate accounting and documentation.

University of Southern California

Relevant Training

•    State Insurance License Course
•    Executive Training Program
Computer Skills

•    All applications of Microsoft Office Suite and several programming languages.


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Vice President of Operations (Foodservice)

Michael R. Stanford
4048 White Avenue
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
(361) 649-4333

Professional Objective

Experienced professional seeks VP of Operations within the foodservice industry.

Energetic professional with several years of successful experience in marketing and sales. Able to turn businesses around with innovative management and operating strategies. Ability to lead and motivate teams to generate profit and market share.

Academic Credentials

University of Texas, Austin, TX

Bachelor of Science, English
In additiona to major classes took courses in budgeting, financial forecasting, business strategy, team leadership, market trends, facility design, customer services, and several computer software business applications.
Functional Strengths

• Experienced Revenue Producer
• Knowledgeable Team Player with Motivational Management Techniques
• Business Strategy Expert
• Skilled Negotiator
• Excellent Communicator with Clients
Career History

Guajardo’s Pizza, McAllen, TX

1993 – Present
Vice President of Operations
• Led multi-state division. Oversaw sales, marketing, human resources, contracts and finance personnel. Responsible for 24 units, 34 managers, and 1200 employees.
• Enabled failing division to turn profit loss around to a $400K profit.
• Determined objectives which increased sales from 3 million to 5 million in 3 years.
• Led media campaign.
• Cut overhead by 35%..
• Set safety standards and reduced accidental injuries by 15%.

Big Texas Pizza, Corpus Christi, TX

1989 – 1993
Regional Supervisor
• Started as wait staff and promoted to supervisor in first year.

United States Navy

1987 – 1989
Flag Lieutenant
• Aided three-star Admiral as Executive Aide

USS Merrimac

1984 – 1987
Division Officer
• Led and supervised staff of  230 enlisted personnel and 10 junior officers.


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