Physical Training Instructor Resume

Physical Training Instructor is also known as Fitness Specialist. The main role of a Physical Training Instructor is to provide physical fitness and training programs for the organization. However, they also perform other essential tasks like conducting fitness test, instructing classes, providing fitness and health counseling as well as organize various sport activities.

To draft an effective resume is not that easy. However, this Physical Training Instructor resume will guide you towards drafting a good sample. You can customize and follow the format in writing your resume. Feel free to customize the resume sample as per your qualifications, trainings and work experience. This Physical Training Instructor resume is sure to meet your requirements.

66 S. Bailey Ct
Baton Rouge, LA 70332
Cell: (504) 666-4557
Email: [email protected]

Career Objectives:To take up the responsibilities of a Physical training Instructor where my skills and professional experience will meet the requirement of the organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

Extensive knowledge of various methods and techniques of imparting physical training for various age groups
Strong organizational and administrative skills
Good command over written and spoken English
Effective leadership and time management skills
Ability to coordinate and handle tasks independently
Positive attitude, good team player and sportsmanship

Educational Summary:
Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Los Angles Science College, Los Angles in the year 2000

National Association of Fitness Certification, Los Angles in the year 2001

Work Experience:

Organization: Physical Health Association, Los Angles
Duration: January 2004 till date
Designation: Physical Training Instructor

Responsible for organizing and physical education program to promote development of social skills and physical attributes of clients
Manage and administer a wide range of sports facilities and adventurous activities, both off and on base
Conducts physical fitness tests, instructs classes in physical education, provide health and fitness counseling, also organize sport activities
Performs the tasks of designing plans for clients on how to lose weight based on their personal profile
Monitor eating habits, exercise sessions, and lifestyles of clients to help them reach fitness goals
Order, store, select, and, issue inventory equipment, supplies and materials used in physical education program

Organization: Los Angles University, Los Angles
Duration: March 2001 to December 2003
Designation: Physical Instructor

Promotes mental and physical health of students by creating awareness on the importance of good health
Supports students in physical exercises like swimming, yoga, aerobics as well as in various sports programs
Motivates students to participate in various activities along with academics
Forms good sport team and identifies the talent of individual students
Demonstrates high level of competitive performance in Zonal, Regional and National level
Performs other tasks as required under the instructions of Head of Department of Physical Education

Professional Achievements:
Participated in various Competitive sports and won prizes in many competitions

Reading books on Physical fitness, traveling and listening to music

Personal Details:

Name: Jennet T. ROBINSON
Date of Birth: 23.05.1978
Employment Status: Permanent


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