Security Engineer Resume Format

This resume is shows the applicants experience in the security engineering industry, it outlines the skills and experience he/she has, this includes the type of information technology security software he/she is conversant with, the companies they have worked for and also the achievements they made in those companies. Other jobs that can be applied using this resume include Security Professional, Security Manager and Security Clearance jobs.

Sample Security Engineer Resume Template

Richard Kirk,

6343, West 67 Street,

Carlisle, MA 09522,

(404)-5622- 6653.


To develop a security system software that will help keep company office databases safe fro hackers and also viruses.

Work experience

2007 – Present: Safe lock Technologies – Security Technician.


Drafted the documentation for system design and to help in troubleshooting errors.

Served as the webmaster and helped to create and administer security policies within the company.

Liaised with centers of Systems Operation to maintain the company’s security systems.

Maintained and serviced the security system and updated it with new systems within given periods.

2004-2007: Bridge security ltd: IT technician.


Trained on how to handle the security system when entering into the company database and premises.

Drafted security protocol policies.

Maintained the firewall periodically.

Maintained and improved the security system with new technology.

Performed HTML, PERL and PHP scripting duties.

Managed the company network systems.

Did documentation for the security procedure policies.

2000-2004:  California State University: Bachelor Science in Computer Studies.


I designed an effective security system that is already in use at various companies.


Playing Computer games

Listening to music

Playing Tennis


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