Project Manager Resume format

A project manager resume format presents a person’s career in the field of coordinating various projects involving a number of participants. Whether these projects are done inside an organization or outside that involves third parties, knowledge on the project and coordinating skills are essential. For you to get the interview, it is necessary to discuss your resume based on this ground.

Start your resume with your contact details at the topmost part. List your name, address, contact numbers, and email address. The fist section should state your career profile that summarizes your attainment in the field. In the next section, discuss the projects that you have organized. Include the title, location, and the date. You may also include details on the number of participants, amount of money raised, or achievements for that particular project.

Next, discuss your employment history, which presents the range of your ability in coordinating projects. Elaborate on your most important functions, awards, and achievements while in this position. List your education next, with details such as course, school, and dates. End your resume with reference persons.

Project Manager Resume Format and Example

George Martin

093 Madison
Wisconsin, USA

(012) 345-6789

[email protected]


* Currently the Assistant Project Manager for the Aid for the Homeless Campaign of the Fox Media and Entertainment Company
* More than 3 years of experience in the field of public relations
* Currently taking Masters in Business Administration to further acquire knowledge on the different facets of marketing, especially corporate strategies
* Passionate and dedicated


Donate to the homeless, 2008

Donations from business, locals, and politicians totaled $500,000

Feeding Program, Madison Clubhouse, 2007 and 2008

Participated by more than 100 homeless families in the area

Old clothes for the Homeless Program, 2005 and 2007

Donors are composed of kids and adults

ABC for the Homeless Kids campaign, 2007 and 2008

Participants include student from the different high schools in Wisconsin

Receives constant awards and the Best Noble Campaign in 2008

Warm Christmas Programs, 2006 – 2008

This program provides shelter to the homeless during the cold and winter months

Awarded as Most Outstanding Program in 2007 and 2008


Assistant Project Manager                       2006 – present

Aid for the Homeless Campaign

Fox Media and Entertainment

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

* Works with the project manager and the team in coming up with notable projects for the campaign
* Creates public relation projects for the campaign and the company
* Gathers sponsors for the campaign
* Devices trips to other locations in order to showcase the campaign to attract more sponsors

Project Coordinator                            2005 – 2006

Aid for the Homeless Campaign

Fox Media and Entertainment

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

* Creates volunteering activities where the different schools in Wisconsin can participate
* Coordinates with third party participants regarding the projects of the campaign


Masters Study in Business Administration             2008 – present

University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration        2001 – 2005

University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

* Major in Marketing
* Minor in Speech Communication
* Graduated with honors


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