Systems Architect Resume Format

The Systems Architect creates the technical and functional blueprint for software development project, much like what an architect would for a construction project.  Trained as a software engineer, the systems architect effectively re-engineers manual processes into automated systems, getting rid of redundancies and other inefficiencies.  The resume should mention all architected systems that are currently in production or in the process.

Systems Architect Resume Format

Susan T. McNamara

Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (404) 628-1937

[email protected]


A lead position as a Systems Architect in an airline

Summary of Qualification

* 13 years in application development in the airline industry, rising through the ranks from mainframe programmer to systems architect in the UNIX platform.
* Excellent programming skills in C+ language in the Windows, UNIX and Linux platform
* Above average communication and interpersonal skills

Career Experience/Job History

1997 – Present:  Systems Architect, United Airlines

* Coordinate with owning/user departments in developing the business analysis to define the functional systems specifications to automate a manual process
* Translate the function requirements into a systems architecture to start the coding work for systems prototyping.
* Coordinate with hardware, network, OS and database managers in architecting a functional requirement
* Provide the necessary technical documentation and blueprinting for any systems design work.


* Received Employee of the Year in 1999, 2001 and 2002 for perfect attendance
* Received commendation from flight operations for an excellent application development project to interface their Flight Scheduling with the reservations System in record 7 months.


1997 – present : In-house training workshops in C+ programming, business analysis systems development and architecting

1993 – 1997: BS in Computer Engineering, DeVry University, Oklahoma City.


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