High School Student Resume Format

This type of resume can be used to guide students who are high school or have just completed high school in seeking jobs. Since they lack professional experience, they must list their academic achievements and skills such as leadership in order to persuade the potential employer that they have the qualities he/she is looking for. This sample student resume may be used to apply for holiday jobs e.t.c

Sample high school students resume

Stephen James

1515 Stanley Drive #62
Hometown, KS 66202
[email protected]
Tel: 011-265- 4251639

Career Objective
To obtain knowledge of the day-to-day workings of a communications, public relations, or publishing firm through a part-time job.

Professional Experience
2008 – March 2010 Good Hope High School campus newspaper -Editor


Editing news and feature stories of the campus newspaper.

Assigning duties to reporters and correspondents

Handling and resolving disputes related to articles published in the newspaper

2007-2009 Yearbook staff member.


Experience taking photographs, designing layout, and writing captions and sidebars.

Trained other staff how to design layouts

Completed three years at Good Hope High School.
Graduation date: March 2010.
G.P.A. 3.85. Top 5% of class.

Other skills

Technical writing; advanced composition; debate; video production;

Computer literacy: Microsoft Office word, Excel, Spreadsheet, adobe, desktop publishing, Internet, and QuickBooks.

Honors, Awards, and Memberships

U.S. Media Association Scholarship recipient
Scholarship based on academic achievement, community service, and campus participation and leadership in high school communications projects and studies.

SOS children Home volunteer peer counselor

Counseling with students with behavioral problems


Playing football




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