Art History Professor Resume Format

Art galleries and museums displaying classical artworks owe their authenticities to Art Historians who are trained to analyze and authenticate genuine works of the ages. They harness technical disciplines that can analyze and date old artworks which sometimes turn out to be valuable historic artifacts.  They work as professors in the academe along with their esteemed archeologist colleagues or as museum and art gallery curators.

Art History Professor Resume Format

Prof. James M. Radcliffe

Linden Ave., Bergen, New Jersey

Phone: (201) 332-4365

[email protected]


To be an art history professor in a major university

Summary of Qualification

* 20 years of experience in the academe and archeology with focus on arts
* Excellent command of the spoken and written English and German languages.

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present:  Art History Professor, Princeton University

* Conduct art history classes to students of fine arts and archeology.
* Develop the curriculum for art history classes distinctly for fine arts and archeology students
* Conduct lectures on art history in select states especially with new archeological finds or art discoveries

1990 – 2002:  Art Historian/Curator, Chicago Museum of Art

* Authenticate artistic works in print and sculpture as well as ancient dinnerware, pottery, and jewelry artifacts from various cultures, with specialty in American Indian, Inca and Mayan cultures.
* Provide consultancy work to other museums and antique art galleries.


Appointed curator by the state governor in a state-run museum


1990 – Present:  Continuing archeological studies on ancient art.

1990 – 1993: MS in Archeology, Princeton University

1986 – 1990: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Wheaton College, Boston


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