Sample Teaching Resume

When starting to write a teaching resume, like all resumes, one should keep in mind what the objectives of the resume are. Is the objective of the resume a change in career, or a promotion? Or does the applicant just want a change in atmosphere from a similar job. The applicant does not necessarily have to state these objectives, however, having clear objectives may help the applicant in writing a clear and concise resume.

An important part of writing a resume is the layout. A preferable way of writing the resume is to arrange the resume in well-organized sections. The following is an example of a preferred way of resume layout:

1. Immediately after the top of the resume containing your personal details, write in a section summarizing your key competencies. This may include key special skills, talents, and relevant experience.
2. After this section put in a section about your major achievements. This should be short, concise, and direct to the point. Four or five of your major achievements should be sufficient.
3. Like most resumes, put in next a section on employment history. As with most chronological resume, put in the last, more senior positions held first, and present it in reverse chronological order.
4. Finally, write in a section about your background and qualifications. This section would include details on your bachelor’s degree, license details, and teacher training.

When writing your summary and key competencies, you should let the role you have in mind dictate the language you use. In around a couple of sentences, explain your experience, skills, qualifications, and personal characteristics. This should be written in such a way to grab the attention of the reader. If you have specializations, you should mention this here. This section would also be a good section to list one major achievement to highlight.

The next section on achievement should emphasize things you have done during the time spent as a teacher. This may include improving difficult classroom situations or new techniques you have implemented in the classroom. This should be worded in such a way so as to put emphasis on the positive side of the achievements.

On the employment history, focus on highlighting your most recent roles. It would also be advisable to put in a list of key responsibilities in each role. If you had any responsibilities that were granted to you that included a role above and beyond the classroom, make sure to emphasize them.

On the last section, list all relevant education background and training. You may have to skip other information on education and training to include only the most important ones.

Sample Teaching Resume

12 London Ave
Bethesda MD 20810

[email protected]


•  Eight years total elementary teaching experience
•  Efficient worker
•  Fluent in English, Spanish, and French
•  C.L.A.D. Certified

Sixth Grade Teacher     September 2004 – Present

Springvale Elementary, Rockford, MD
•  Instructed sixth curriculum to two classes of 20-40 children of multicultural backgrounds.
•  Adapted teaching to interests of the children, including integrating computer gaming into the instruction, while at the same time teaching the children responsibility.

•  Focused on pupil self-esteem as part of development
• Constantly communicated with parents and guardians regarding progress of the students.
Third/Fourth Grade Teacher     September 2000 – June 2004

Valley Forge Elementary, Washington, DC

•  Handled multiple subjects including Math, Science, and Reading.
•  Prepared class field trips.

•  Catered instruction to individual skills of the students.

University of Maryland,Rockford, MD
Bachelor of Science, Education, May 2000


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