Stage and Film Acting Teacher/Coach Resume Format

Raw acting talent is good but not good enough in a highly competitive world of film and studio acting.  But it helps, especially if you are telegenic or projects a strong stage presence.  This is where the a competent State and Film Acting Teacher or Coach completes your acting prowess and opens the door to stage and screen opportunities as you get exposed to a network of film and stage producers.

Stage and Film Acting Teacher/Coach Resume Format

Hector J. Heston, Jr.

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: (310) 563-8891

[email protected]


To work as a Stage and Film Acting Teacher in a prestigious film academy

Summary of Qualification

* 9 years in film and stage acting and teaching profession
* Excellent command of the various acting styles over the last 100 years

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Part Time Acting Coach, Actors in Process Studio, LA

* Work with faculty members in developing plans and curricula for acting and drama workshops in the regular and special courses
* Coach students the acting techniques from a range of styles developed by noted actors of the past
* Coach students in speech delivery, stage presence and composure,  voice projection and movement.
* Direct mini plays for the repertory
* Critique students’ acting performances and provide individual feedback.

2001 – Present:  Actor, American Shakespearean Repertory , LA

* Attend rehearsals at all times, review roles and memorize lines and timing
* Maintain and develop network of social connection in the stage and film industries


Received faculty commendations from 2007 onwards for effective course curriculum and a number of alumni who made it bid in stage and screen productions


2001 – 2002: Certificate in Drama Acting, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NY

1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Arts in Film Production, New York Film Academy


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