Telecommunications Technician

Ely C. Cordray
2336 Columbia Road
New Cumberland, WV 26047
(304) 564-6563


Telecommunications technical expert with several years of relevant experience. Demonstrated ability to lead and produce quality workmanship.

Areas of expertise include:
• Equipment management     • Power connections
• Cable management systems     • Installing Cabling
• Cabling y-splicing     • Building fiber trays
• Equipment installation     • Equipment power-up
• Monitoring      • Rrepairing problems
• Migrations without outages     • Utilizing methods of procedure
Technical Knowledge and Certifications

•    Specialty Items: Austron PRR-10/50 GPS clocks (small and large site configurations), and Harris WS 3800 alarm units.
•    Timing/Telemetry: Symmetricom ST2
•    Dac Installations/Expansions: Tellabs
•    Switches/Routers: Cisco, Lucent CBX 500/9000 and Larscom Orion 4000.
•    Hardware: Cabling, racking,, proper fire stopping,  and fiber tray construction.
•    Test Equipment: T-Bird testers.
•    Certifications: MCI WorldCom.

Industrial Co., New Cumberland, WV

1999 – Present
Telecommunications Technician III
Served in a lead role for special assignments throughout the region. Supervised 20 technicians and maintained quality control responsibility. Cooperated with directors of security, site directors, and IT managers.

• Installed timing and telemetry for site which was having problems.
• Negated future problems for a client by recognizing a code violation in work being performed by another contractor.

Broyle Communications, Wheeling, WV

1996 – 1999
Splicing Technician
Managed  lead roles with full responsibility for onsite projects. Reported directly to the company president.

• Updated a step switch to digital while preventing outages.
• Spliced in overhead cable racking and cosmic MDF.
• Updated outside plant line maps.

Sasser Communications, Wheeling, WV

1995 – 1996
Served as the lead technician for four major telecommunications projects. Managed crews of  ten  technicians.
• Created a unified telephone system that linked three separate facilities.

Godfrey Inc., Wheeling, WV

1994 – 1995
Electrical Technician
All stages of electrical work for residential and commercial projects.

Moxey Vocational School

Graduated from electrical apprenticeship program.


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