Transportation Dispatcher Resume Format

This resume gives details about the Transportation dispatcher job role which includes scheduling the dispatches, to carry the dispatches to the truck driver and to ensure that the materials are dispatched on time. They are also responsible to check D.O.T and logs and they also need to keep records and data-entry of all the dispatch activities. The given Transportation Dispatcher Resume Format is helpful for applying the jobs of Transportation Dispatcher and Assistant Transportation Dispatcher.

Transportation Dispatcher Resume Format

Ben Parker

6/6 Se Jefferson St.,

Topeka, Kansas 0383

Phone: (383) 242-244444

[email protected]


To achieve a good position in transport management of an established firm where I can use all my skills and capabilities.

Summary of Qualifications:

* More than four year of experience
* Excellent Communication skills
* Proficient in using computers and other computer related works.


* Award for Excellence in the year, 2008
* Employer of the year, 2007

Career Experience/ Job History:


Anderson Transport Inc.

Transport Dispatcher

* Set the pickup and delivery schedules and also handle route drivers
* Scheduled the dispatch of dispatch drivers
* Checked logs and ensure that DOT regulations were complied with


Allan J & Co.

Transport Dispatcher

* Carried out maintenance tasks and customer care tasks
* Assisted Transport Manager in all his account related works (data entry and other computer related jobs).
* Performed all other duties as assigned


2003- 2004

Master of Science in Transport & Logistics, Bauder College (GA)


Bachelor of Science in Transport & Logistics, Smith Group of Colleges Diploma in Fleet Management, Kansas College


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