Best Resume Format

When applying for a job position, college acceptance or scholarship grant you should always put your best foot forward. Effort and consideration must be allotted when writing your resume. It should be informative and contain the highlights of your career. Reading your resume alone should be enough to impart an impression that you are qualified for the job.

A resume has four major parts to be considered – objective, professional background, academic achievements and references.

Your objective has to be specific. It should say why you want to be part of the institution. If applicable it should also give your employer an idea of what your future plans are. Avoid general statements when writing your objective.

Give priority when writing your professional background as this section should showcase the highlights of your career. Each job description should be detailed containing years employed, job description and specific functions.

If no sufficient work experience is available, make the academic background the main focus of your resume. Highest education level attained should be included as well as the degree and thesis topic. Some employers give priority based on academic institution. Skills, seminars and special courses are important and should be noted on the resume.

Character references offer good support to your resume. Choose individuals that can attest to the highlights of your career. A distinguished professor or an immediate supervisor is a good candidate for your character reference.

Best resume Example


213 Corner Lane Rd, Bay Shore, New York

[email protected]


To be able to teach in a reputable academic institution where I can grow professionally and emotionally together with my students.


High School Teacher, 2007 – present

Holy Family Higher Secondary School

* Teaches Secondary Education Mathematics, Science and entry level Statistics
* Handles 2nd year advisory class
* Organizes social activities for the school

Elementary Teacher, 2003 – 2007

Holy Family Higher Secondary School

* Handles Science, Mathematics, and Computer subjects
* 4th Grade Homeroom Teacher
* supervise progress per student
* Conducts regular teacher-parent meetings to discuss students’ performances, growth and other issues.
* Uses teaching techniques that is both fun and interesting


* Awardee: Best Teacher, 2007
* Awardee: Best Class, 2008


Masters in Education, 2007 – present

George Washington University

Washington, DC 20052

Bachelor of Arts in Education, 2000 – 2003

New York University

Major: General Science Education, Minor: mathematics


Date of Birth:  1 Sept 1983

Civil Status:  Single


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