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Different resume formats exist because of different types of people writing it. Considerations vary per person and they are deemed significant with the intention of making the resume an effective tool in getting a job. Since resumes are the first things seen by interviewers, making a good first impression is essential. The chronological format for instance, is the most used. Since you list your experiences in a chronological order starting from the most recent one, your progress is clearly seen at once glance. Your credentials then become interesting to evaluators.

On the reader’s part, there are many ways to convey information. Of course, you want to consider how the evaluators would see you. With the chronological format, your flexibility as an experienced worker becomes evident. Also, evaluators have limited time. Being concise highlights the relevant information. Your background is easily evaluated with your past performances because a chronological format is easy to browse.

0123, East 67 Street,
Carlisle, ME 01741,
(012)-345 6789

Objective: To apply as an Assistant Marketing Manager in order to utilize and further develop my skills in the field.

Work Experience: Procter & Gamble

Boston, ME
January – December 2008

Marketing Officer

* Handled the Head and Shoulders Campaign with a team and achieved good results
* Handled other various projects, including sales promotions of different P&G products


Boston, ME
June – November 2007

Sales Associate

* Achieved sales quota with the team, which won as the best team for 2 months
* Appraised as Outstanding by managers

EDUCATION: Boston University

Boston, MA
2004 – 2007

BS in Business Administration

* Deans List and graduated with honors
* Member of various academic clubs
* MVP Basketball player, 2005


* Proficient in Microsoft Applications, Excel, and Office
* Good in basketball and sports climbing

REFERENCES: Available upon request.


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