Curriculum Vitae

The purpose of a CV is also different from that of a resume. It is usually used when applying for college scholarships, applying in an international school, or when taking scientific positions in particular companies. Notice that all of these belong to the academic field, where meticulous investigation is done to choose candidates for the interview. This is the reason why a CV must be written carefully and professionally.

To start the detailed synopsis of your background, write a summary of your personal details. This includes age, birth date, gender, contact details, and nationality. The inclusion of other information such as marital status, number of children, and spouse is optional. Write the employment history next. It must contain details on the job position, employer, and time frame. Discuss your key functions, responsibilities, achievements, and other notable works elaborately. The reader of your CV must depict each situation clearly for better assessment.

Next, discuss your educational background in the same manner you discussed your employment history. It must be laden with details. Professional skills that have been developed in your career must be listed too. This is followed by your awards, organizations, certifications, and publications. Finally, express your interests at the end of your CV.

Curriculum Vitae Format and Example

Anne Jenkins


Illinois, USA

(012) 345 6789

[email protected]


Date of Birth:  8 October 1986

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Age:    27 years old

Gender:   Female

Nationality:   American

Civil Status:  Single


Professor in Biology                     2006-present

University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Teaches Molecular Biology I to 3 classes
* Teaches Ecology subjects to 2 classes
* Conducts research studies funded by the university
* Secretary of Biology Faculty

Instructor in Biology 1 and 12 Laboratory                 2003-2006

University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Teaches Introduction to Biology to 2 classes
* Handles the laboratory part of the Bio 12 subject

Researcher’s Assistant               2001-2003

University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Conducts research for the studies of different professors
* A part-time job during college and one year after graduation


Masters in Biology                 2002-2006

University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Thesis title: The molecular structure of the certain bacteria and ways to alter them
* Dissertation title: Developments in cloning and its uses in modern medicine
* Graduated with honors

Bachelor of Science in Biology              1998-2002

University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Major in Molecular Biology
* Minors in Ecology and Genetics
* Thesis title: Molecular structure and DNA of prehistoric flatfish
* Graduated with honors
* Dean’s Lister for 6 consecutive semesters


* Special Education in Biology Certification
* Professor’s Teaching Certificates
* Skillful in laboratory experiments and works
* Certified Biology Researcher
* Computer literate and knowledgeable in MS applications


* “Introduction to Biology Laboratory Manual.” Instructional Material, 2008
* “Flatfish fossils Evolution.” Research Study, 2007
* “Cloning and developments.” Research Study, 2006


* President, Biological Society in the University of Chicago, 2001-2002
* Active member, Biological Association of Chicago, 2002-present
* Active member, Scientists of USA, 2006-present


* The environment
* Mountain Climbing and Trekking
* Cooking and Dancing


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