Executive Resume Format

An executive resume is like an executive summary of a person’s career. It suits people who are in a particular career for a long time, but it also works best for those who take different jobs in various career fields. This resume allows them to construct their resume with emphasis on the range of their career growth and their particular career path. Since it will function as your important representation, whatever the purpose, it is essential to express your career in a very professional manner.

Format for this resume is also similar to a standard resume. The way it is written, however, is taken to great consideration. You usually start with a brief summary of your current profile. It describes what you do and is further broken down into specific functions or details of your job in bullet points or in a short paragraph. At the very beginning of your resume, your progress is already seen. For instance, you are currently a vice president of a certain department. Your duties, as they are listed, allow reader to convey that you have been in that career for quite a while already.

The next part discusses your work experience in a chronological manner. Job titles, company names, and inclusive dates must be written on top of each entry. Concise description of what you do or what you have done must follow. It may be in a paragraph form, as long as only the important details are presented. This entry may consist of basic functions performed, strategies devised, and how many people work for you. Moreover, in the specific jobs that you currently have and have had in the past, you must tackle carefully your areas of expertise. This means that you focus on discussing your key skills in each job and position. This allows the reader to see what kind of a professional you are.

Furthermore, achievements, awards, and certifications when you are in that position must also be listed after your job descriptions so that a reader will know how effective you are in that job. All the other jobs you have taken must also be listed. They do not necessarily be in the same career field. Having different types of jobs portray you as a diverse individual capable of not just one skill.

Finally, writing an executive resume must also be effective in terms of the layout. It must be clean and well written. Note that executive resumes depict your character and professionalism.


Tamil Nadu, India

(012) 345 6789

[email protected]

PROFILE An effective leader in sales with determined ability to reach goals

* Six years of knowledge and expertise in sales
* Skills in building effective customer relations
* Passion in leadership among its workforce
* Leadership in exceeding sales quota



2007 – present  Manager in Sales Division

Marketing and Sales Department

Ford – Chennai, India

Oversees day-to-day operations in the department, which houses 200 employees. Lead all teams in order to achieve goals continuously. Prepares selling strategies and apply them effectively.

Achievements Awardee for Best Managers in all divisions, 2007

Awardee for Best Manager in Sales Division, 2007

2004 – 2007 Assistant Manager in Sales

Marketing and Sales Department

Ford – Chennai, India

Manages 2-5 teams in sales, ensuring that goals are reached and surpassed if possible. Conducts team performance assessments.

2002 – 2004   Sales Associate

Marketing and Sales Department

Ford – Chennai, India

Conducts basic sales functions in the department. Achieved quotas. Became the top sales agent in 5 consecutive months


2007 – present  Masters in Business Administration

University of Madras Centenary

2004 – 2007   Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

Bharathiar University – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


INFORMATION Date of Birth:  9 April 1985

Civil Status:  Single

Citizenship:  Indian


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