Good Resume Format

Writing a resume is an important part of applying for a job. Most employers look upon the well-written resume without viewing its contents. Thus, it is very important to raise your chances of being selected by submitting an excellent resume. Using a good resume format can be very crucial in making a sound resume.

A good resume can help you convince an employer that you are fit for the applied job. A resume presents a summary of your achievements, your educational background and previous work experience. The skills and strengths usable for the applied job should also be reflected on the resume. In writing a resume, always remember to clearly state the details about your successes and accomplishments. Using quantifiers which may help the employer to grasp the idea you want present is also highly advisable.

The organizational format of a resume is also important. A good resume format is about proper preparation and organization of the resume’s content. There are several guidelines which can be used to create a highly organized resume. Reverse chronological format lists all your experiences starting from the newest to the least recent. The functional format uses skills clusters for easier comprehension. Both features can also be used using the chrono-functional format.

Good Resume Format and Example

Gerome Hudson
11 Afternoon Street
Boston, MA 01742
(234)-431 7230


Looking for the position of stock broker in a well acknowledged and reputed trading company


Skillful, honest and brilliant stockbroker having over than Nine years experience in investing in money, securities and several other pecuniary products on behalf of private, commercial and institutional clients.

Summary of Qualifications

* Excellent understanding of the stock market policies.
* Carefully clean U4 securities documentation.
* Superb written and vocal communication skills.
* Effective attention to detail, study, organizational skills, and problem solving skills.
* Firm to maintain a high level of confidentiality.
* Exceptional ability to endorse company success by being courteous to customers, company acquaintances, through a professional appearance and by having an optimistic attitude.
* Exceptional computer skills (Microsoft Word and Internet).

Professional Experience

Star Gaze Investors, Geneva, Florida
Stockbroker, 2004 – Present

* Generate and maintain new accounts.
* Offer elevated quality customer service in a proficient manner.
* Carry out trades for clients (over the phone or walk-in).
* Put up stock quotes and news to consumers.
* Record all phone discussion with customers.
* Offer all types of client services for all aspects of account maintenance.
* Complete all the imminent ACATS transfers.
* Help the customers on the Internet when the connection is down and answer to their inquiries about Star Gaze.
* Follow up on leads from potential clients.
* Execute other projects/duties as consigned.

Star Gaze Investors, Geneva, Florida
Stockbroker Trainee, 2000 – 2003

* Advised properly to private customers, by direct contact, phone and reviewed letter.
* Bought and sold for customers.
* Made research and get information about the market in domestic and overseas equities, government stocks and securities.
* Managed and evaluated portfolio.
* According to the information provided by analyst prepared recommendations on buying and selling stocks.
* Underwrote latest issues in larger firms.


High School Diploma (1998)


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