International Resume Formats

The processes involved in international application are generally complex. This is the reason why your ultimate goal is to present your profile in an elaborate manner to get the job. Thus, a resume with more than 2 pages of information serves this purpose. Essentially, it is a CV using reverse-chronological format.

First, state your contact information as your heading. This must be followed by a brief statement of your objective. Next, summarize your current profile, which shows the years of experience, occupation, and your striking qualities. The reader should be able to grasp your knowledge level in this part. Dedicate the next section to an elaborate account of your career experience. List your job title, employer, and dates and state your notable achievements and functions.

Next, discuss your education history. Tackle your professional qualifications, publications, and organizations joined after. The arrangement of all the sections in your resume depends on the level of your experience. If you have concentrated on your studies more, place your employment history at the bottom to highlight your other most notable experiences. End your resume with your personal information, such as citizenship, and reference persons.

International Resume Format  and Example

Marcus Flint


Montana, USA


[email protected]


To apply as an Environmental Engineer Professor in the University of Tokyo to utilize my skills and gain more experience in the field


* Currently an Environmental Science professor in Harvard University
* Seven years of teaching and research experience in the field
* Hardworking and Passionate


Professor in Environmental Science                   2006-present

Harvard University

Massachusetts, USA

* Teaches Environmental Science101 to 3 classes
* Teaches Environmental Science191 to 2 classes
* Conducts research studies funded by the university

Instructor in Environmental Science                   2003-2006

Harvard University

Massachusetts, USA

* Teaches Environmental Science I to three classes
* Handles the laboratory part of the Environmental Science12 subject

Research Assistant                2001-2003

Harvard University

Massachusetts, USA

* Conducts research as instructed by the different professors
* A part-time job during college and one year after graduation


Masters in Environmental Engineering           2002-2006

Harvard University

Massachusetts, USA

* Thesis title: The technology that degrades plastics and other residual wastes
* Dissertation title: Latest developments in utilizing renewable resources
* Graduated with honors
* Dean’s Lister for 3 semesters

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering         1998-2002

Harvard University

Massachusetts, USA

* Major in Environmental Science
* Minors in Ecology and Japanese
* Thesis title: Potable water from contaminated water
* Graduated with honors
* Dean’s Lister for 6 semesters


* Certified Environmental Engineer
* Special Education in Engineering Certificate
* Professor’s Teaching Certificate
* Skillful in laboratory experiments and works
* Computer literate and knowledgeable in MS applications


* “Environmental Engineering Laboratory Manual.” Instructional Material, 2008
* “Water as Car Fuel.” Research Study, 2008
* “Our Future with Renewable Resources.” Research Study, 2007


* President, Environmental Science Society in the Harvard University, 2001-2002
* Member, Environmental Association of Massachusetts , 2002-present
* Member, Environmental Engineers of USA, 2006-present
* Member, Japanese Culture Enthusiasts Club, 1998-2002


* Outdoor Activities
* Japanese Culture
* Singing and Dancing


Date of Birth:  8 October 1981

Place of Birth: Blackfoot, Montana, USA

Age:    27 years old

Gender:   Female

Nationality:   American

Marital Status: Single


Dr. Mary Park

Engineering Department Dean

Harvard University


Robert Atkins


Harvard University



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