Resume Format for Download

Many websites offer resume format for download that serves as a backbone in creating your resume. The most popular styles or the chronological style, functional, and professional have different uses. Likewise, each has an appropriate resume format. For you to optimize the use of your resume, you must first identify your purposes and the career field that you want.

The chronological style and the functional style completely differ in terms of the arrangement of the sections in a resume. The chronological style lists your experiences chronologically, starting from the most recent one. The functional, however, focuses on the skills more than the experience. It is appropriate when you are applying in a different field, changing your career, or when you lack experience. If you are applying for a professional job in a particular field, it is best to use the professional format. This format has contents that other resume formats do not have. For example, this has the “professional qualification” or the list of your licensure titles and certifications.

The resume format for download can further illustrate the different resume formats. It has all the possible fields that you might use, including those of the chronological, functional, and professional. All you have to do is to choose the sections that are appropriate in the job that you are applying for. Omit the others that are not necessary.

Resume Format for Download and Example

[Name Surname]

[# Street, Town]

[City, State, Country]

[Telephone Number]

[Mobile Number]

[Email address]


[State briefly your objective]


* [Highest attainment in your career]
* [Most notable achievement in your career]
* [Current education profile and/or job]
* [Your most prominent attitude or character]


[Job Title or Position – most recent]      [Inclusive Years]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

* [Most important function]
* [Next important function]
* [Notable contribution to the company]
* [Other contribution to the company]

[Job Title or Position – next recent]      [Inclusive Years]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

* [same content]


* [License Title – most important] [Year acquired]
* [License Title – next important] [Year acquired]
* [Certification title – most important] [Year acquired]
* [Certification title – next important] [Year acquired]


* [Most important skill or competency needed in the job]
* [Important skill needed in the job]
* [Other skills]


[Degree Course – most recent]       [Inclusive Years]

[University / College]

[School Address]

* [Major Subject]
* [Minor Subjects]
* [Achievements, if any]
* [Awards, if any]
* [Other notable achievements or contributions to the university-write in concise manner]


* [Academic Achievements title] [Name of contest or School] [Year]
* [Achievements from experience title] [Name of contest or Company] [Year]
* [Other awards or achievements] [Name of contest] [Year]


* [Position – most prominent and recent] [Name of Organization or Association] [Years of Membership]
* [Position – next prominent] [Name of the Organization] [Years]
* [Position] [Name of the Organization] [Years]


* [Most prominent interest relevant to the job applied for]
* [Next prominent interest]
* [Other interests]
* [Hobbies]


[Birth Date]



[Civil Status]


[Name of Reference Person]

[Title or position in the company or relation to you]

[Name of company or school or institution]

[Contact Number]


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