Simple Resume

Resumes come in a wide range of formats, layouts and styles. The style of your resume depends on the position for which you are applying and your own personality, skills, and attributes. Although there are countless ways of presenting your resume, there are some basic points and information that should be included in every resume. The following simple resume is the perfect example of the basic information that any employer would like to know about you.

Edith Richardson

122 Bank Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 44203

Tel: (312) 533-7594

Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective

Interested in a management position in an environment conservation organization that will allow the application of innovation in project design and application of project management and problem solving skills

Education and Qualification:

– Boston University

Master of Science in Environmental Management

– Minnesota University

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science


-2004 to Date – Project manager at Green Global, planning and overseeing the implementation of ecological restoration projects with a bias in wetlands restoration projects.

-2003 to 2004 – Environmental Conservationist at Planet, studying the population of flamingos in sub Saharan Africa and the pattern of their distribution in relation to the effects of damage on wetlands in the area.

Strengths and Skills:

– Innovative in planning and implementation of restoration projects

– Proficient in Global Information Systems (GIS)

The above resume contains all the main points that the organization applied to would be interested in knowing. Notice that the use of personal pronouns such as I, me and my have been avoided.


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