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A web-based resume format presents your resume in hypertext markup language or HTML in order to make it available in the web 24/7. Many employers look for prospect job applicants through the internet so online resume versions have also become popular among job seekers. Moreover, a web-based resume presents several advantages. Aside from aiding faster screening of applicants, the HTML format is easily flexible to any platform in the web.

Basically, this format adapts any resume style. The file type technically differs from the standard ones because you intend to have it displayed on a website. You write the relevant details of your resume and use conservative formatting, as this is mostly preferred in many online resume formats.

However, you want to keep your resume as professional-looking as possible. Thus, you should avoid providing links to your personal pages in the web. This includes restricting the information that you post in your resume. Since you are not limited by formatting and the actual hardcopy pages of your resume, you may be carried away to use effects and graphics along with a number of your personal details that are not relevant. Remember that employers hate to read wordy and complicated resumes.

Web-based Resume Example

Kevin Moore

160 Southern Suburbs, Salt Lake City

Utah, USA

(012) 345-6789

[email protected]


Seeking a managerial position in the accounting department in order to use and further develop my skills and knowledge in the field


* Currently the junior accountant of a large bank in Utah
* Currently taking a Masters Degree in Finance, majoring in Accounting
* More than 6 years of experience in Financial Accounting and Payroll
* Result-oriented and determined in reaching goals


Junior Accountant                    2006 – present

Bank of Salt Lake City

Utah, USA

o Performs auditing functions
o Ensures that the entries in the workbook are accurate and balanced against the money on hand
o Does day to day accounting functions and produces reports for the managers of the bank
o Heads the payroll accounting system

Staff Accountant                                   2002 – 2006

Bank of Salt Lake City

Utah, USA

o In charge of payroll computations and pay out administration
o Performed minor auditing for the daily accounting entries
o Performed day to day accounting functions for the bank
o Checked the correctness of entries done by clerks and tellers

Management Trainee                   Summer 2003

Bank of Salt Lake City

Utah, USA

Summer Internship

o Trained under the supervisor of junior accountants in carrying out the day-to-day accounting functions
o Performs minor auditing functions


* Has competent skills in financial accounting
* Skillful in producing timely and accurate financial reports
* Knowledgeable in corporate auditing and accounting
* Has excellent communication skills, both in written and oral


Masters Studies in Finance         2008 – present

University of Utah

Utah, USA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration       2000 – 2004

University of Utah

Utah, USA

o Major in Accounting
o Minors in Management and Mathematics
o Graduated with honors
o Dean’s Lister for 4 semesters


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