Advertising Internship Resume Format

In any career that one opts to follow it helps greatly to work as an intern as this enables you to train in whatever job that you are doing. This way, you become better at the career you want to pursue. Once you are an Advertising Intern you must be a quick learner who is willing to be taught new things and be corrected where necessary. In doing this you learn how to do the job in the most efficient and effective way. This sample resume can be used by one interested in becoming a Creative Manager or Projects Manager.

Sample Advertising Internship Resume

Maxwell Relib

747 Tree Lane


[email protected]

Mobile No: +8637677387

Telephone No: 02094867368

Career Objective:

I want to gain as much experience as possible to be able to gain knowledge in the field of advertisement. I want to put into practice the skills that I have achieved in school and use them to benefit the company. I am a team player and always ready to learn new things. I am creative thus I will be able to come up with beneficial input for the company.

Professional Experience:

1997 – 1999:  Creative Assistant, Synsuta Magazine

1999- 2002: Assistant Professor Liberal Arts- Calaware University

2003- 2008: Projects Manager – Lushu Arts Center.


1993- 1997: Degree in Liberal Arts – Calaware, Canada

2000- 2002: Master in Business Administration- Calaware University, Canada.


1999- Assistant Professor Liberal Arts





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